Leggings and the Many Ways to Style them

Wearing leggings only as a workout kit is so 2000s. In 2019, leggings have evolved. They are now a statement piece, if only you know how to style them. In this post, we list down the many ways you can use your leggings to create an iconic look that later goes on to become your signature look. Keep on reading to get your daily dose of fashion advice!

  1. Athleisure

So the most common way to style your leggings is to pair it up with skin tight t-shirt and get going. A high ponytail, your superstars, and a duffle bag are the three things that you need to complete yours on the go look.  It is the kind of look you can easily pull off after your gym routine and not get called out for being lazy.


  1. The sassy diva

This look is our favorite. It features legging capris (printed or plain, as per your liking) and statement-making crop tops. You can always play around this look according to your style and it will turn out amazing, that is guaranteed. You can opt for a pair of leggings ranging from the laser cut ones to glow in the light ones and create your own statement look, that is both unique and magnifique. Make your look pop by doing a retro-inspired makeup with all the bright hues and bold lippies


  1. The glow in dark new feature look

Since 2019 is all about discovering yourself, aligning your body with your soul and loving the person that you are, hence it is about time you paused getting on the bandwagon trivia that you have been following throughout your young adult life. This pair of leggings can be paired with leather fit tops to create an exclusive look. This one look could be your go-to look for Saturday night partying. It is that sexy pair of leggings that brings out your sexuality while never really making you feel uncomfortable because of its super comfortable and stretchable fabric.


  1. The playful Yoga look

Shun off the negativity and cleanse yourself of yourself by getting into your zone. Experience flow and attract positive vibes with a pair of printed yoga leggings that go easily with any top you have. You can easily step out of the house in these super cute pair of leggings without ever embarrassing yourself. Check this one out here: https://rosemarysstorellc.com/collections/yoga-leggings/products/yoga-leggings-2


With that we come to the end of this post, let us know how do you wear your leggings?

Have a great (leg)ging day!

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